Ways to identify AISI 4130 Flanges

Ways to identify AISI 4130 Flanges

ways to identify aisi 4130 flanges

A flange is a component used for connecting pipes and the parts of pipes together. AISI 4130 FLANGES fundamental role is to form a connection between preload and gasket using mechanical force to release stress and maintain a proper seal. Flanges create a connection between pipes by welding and threading procedures. In short, flanges offer useful functionality and changeability and offers standard dimensions to pipes. Flanges are useful in major applications such as oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical plants, ship-building, marine industry, food and dairy processing, railways, etc. These industries involve more complicated piping systems.

What is AISI 4130 Flanges?

AISI 4130 grade is low-alloy steel that contains chromium and molybdenum. These two elements work as strengthening agents and offers good strength, corrosion resistance, and toughness to flanges. Along with this, the material contains carbon in a nominal quantity of 0.30%. Besides, these flanges are suitable for welding and machining procedures. Along with this, the product comes with excellent weldability and hence welded using any traditional method.

Following are the features of AISI 4130 FLANGES

Great resistance and great cost

AISI 4130 FLANGES show excellent resistance to marine water and water containing chloride. The corrosion occurs due to the presence of significant amounts of stainless steel iron. In addition to this, AISI 4130 Alloy Steel Flanges shows a remarkable service life, superior surface finish, and low cost of maintenance. Besides, these flanges are available in all sizes and specifications.

Good strength and toughness

Along with good welding ability, AISI 4130 Flanges also have several other beneficial properties, such as good tensile strength, toughness, and machinability. The presence of molybdenum and chromium, AISI 4130 Flanges offers good resistance to corrosion and good stability.

Forming and annealing

AISI 4130 FLANGES goes through various procedures and annealing conditions that include welding performed by following commercial methods. Then AISI 4130 steel goes through heat treatment at 871°C and then quenched in oil. Then forging and hot working is also performed on AISI 4130 steel material. The conventional method of cold working is performed on AISI 4130 steel and annealed by performing air cooling.

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Ways to identify AISI 4130 Flanges

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