What Are The Features And Purpose Of AISI 4130 BULL PLUGS

What Are The Features And Purpose Of AISI 4130 BULL PLUGS


The AISI 4130 Bull Plugs are high-strength alloys that show high weldability and resistivity. The AISI 4130 Bull Plugs are threaded nipples with a rounded, closed-end used to stop a hole or close the end of a line or a solid plug that is used as an insulating tool in piping systems, conduits, or well board tubular. Even in different sizes ranging from 4 mm to 800 mm in outer diameter.

Benefits of AISI 4130 Bull Plugs

  • AISI 4130 Bull Plugs are usually used only to attach fittings with small pipe diameters and bores.
  • AISI 4130 Bull Plugs are useful in the building where high leakage is a problem, and they have excellent structural stability and are suitable for complicated structures.
  • AISI 4130 Bull plugs well most other traditional fittings in terms of fatigue tolerance. It has an instantaneous compatible model that’s suitable for permanent mechanical joints
  • AISI 4130 Bull Plugs is suitable for costly and hazardous, transporting flammable, materials without any leaks.
  • Bull Plugs made of AISI 4130 are used to make permanent joints with strong flow properties. AISI 4130 Bull Plugs reach international standards and cover pressure design codes.
  • Surface inspections should be used to examine the AISI 4130 Bull Plugs. The design expense is reduced as a result of the precise fitting criteria and the avoidance of over-machining.
  • AISI 4130 Bull Plugs are mainly generated as a result of both hot and cold working activities. Cold working operations attain the desired mechanical structure, and the resistance potential increases without brittleness. This grade is particularly resistant to corrosive conditions both general and local.
  • 4130 Bull Plugs are resistant to deformation at higher temperatures and pressures. This grade has excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of corrosive conditions. It is also effective in chemical reduction areas for phosphoric acids, nitric acids, sulfides, chlorides, and a variety of other chemicals.
  • Furthermore, AISI 4130 Bull Plugs is highly effective against both organic and inorganic compounds. These elbows are enormously resistant to pitting & crevice corrosion
  • AISI 4130 Bull Plugs has great performance at high heating temperatures with no further degradation of mechanical properties. It is quite wieldable.

Application of AISI 4130 Bull Plugs

  • AISI 4130 Bull Plugs is widely used for a variety of applications in the oil and gas sector, including aircraft engine mounts.
  • These AISI 4130 Bull Plugs are manufactured using high-quality raw materials and the latest technology as per national and international quality standards.
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What Are The Features And Purpose Of AISI 4130 BULL PLUGS

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