What Is AISI 4130 Cross and Its Applications?

What Is AISI 4130 Cross and Its Applications?

AISI 4130 Cross


To classify alloy steels, AISI four-digit numbers are used. The AISI 4130 steel grade is part of the SAE steel grade group. In AISI 4130 alloying elements involved are chromium 0.80%– 1.10% and molybdenum 0.15% – 0.25%, these are often informally referred to as Chromoly steel. Standard version titles include cro-moly, CrMo, CR-MOLY.

Chromium [Cr] improves steel hardenability while having minimal impact on ductility. Molybdenum [Mo] enhances corrosion resistance and endurance at high temperatures. It has low Carbon [C] content of 0.280% – 0.330%.


A Cross is also known as a four-way fitting. It is a kind of pipe fitting that is used in the place wherever four pipes meet along. AISI 4130 cross has one inlet and three outlets (or vice versa) just like a normal cross fitting. They often have a solvent-welded socket or female-threaded ends. (The term ‘Female’ always refers to the threads on the fitting which in this case are on the inside, like a nut.) Since they are the connection point for four pipes, they are subjected to more stress than any other types of fittings and are normally made tougher. The mechanical properties of AISI 4130 provide the cross with the required strength and toughness. The openings of the most standard kinds of cross fitting are all of the same diameters, but this isn’t always the case with a “reducing cross-type fitting.”

We can distinguish AISI 4130 CROSS into two types:-

Equal Cross– In this type the lengths of all the outlet and inlet are the same.

Reducing Cross– It can be defined as ‘unequal cross’, as the four branch ends do not have the same lengths between them.  These are crucial in industrial applications where four pipes of varying diameters must be accommodated.

It helps to connect two or more pipes (as it provides four connections) 


The following are the applications of AISI 4130 cross;

  • AISI cross fittings are popularly used for fire sprinkler systems.
  • It is used in industrial plant fluid power systems to change the fluids or gas directions. 
  • It is used in various industries like Petroleum, Chemical processing, Refining, Waste treatment, Gas compression, and distribution industries, power generation, etc.

AISI 4130 cross fittings perform actions such as flow redirection, combination, and even diameter alteration.  They have many uses since they are used to preserve the longevity of every type of piping work.

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What Is AISI 4130 Cross and Its Applications?

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