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Rajendra Industrial Company is a producer and supplier of the internationally renowned AISI 4130 Cross. The AISI 4130 Cross is widely used in the piping systems in various industries. AISI 4130 Cross is an integral part of changing fluid flow paths within a network of pipes. This is used to connect two pipes of equal or different nominal diameters and to that the pipe diameter. The AISI 4130 Cross that we at Rajendra Industrial Corp provide is revered globally for its tremendous strength. Such AISI 4130 Cross usually are used in piping systems that require high pressure resistance. The AISI 4130 Cross that we at Rajendra Industrial Corp produce is ready to be machined. A normalizing treatment is used in the manufacturing of specific forms of AISI 4130 Cross. These AISI 4130 Crosses are commonly used in many industries around the various piping systems.

The AISI 4130 Cross is flexible, with high atmospheric corrosion resistance and an reasonable weight. They are typically used in piping systems which require high resistance. The AISI 4130 Cross is used in gravity-fed low pressure systems. Such AISI 4130 Cross is also used in other applications where minimal friction and minimum deposition of the necessary solids are needed. The AISI 4130 Cross see multiple uses in the aerospace and oil and gas sectors. They are used in the Mud / Gas Separators, Cement Manifolds, Mud Manifolds and Choke & Kill manifolds including Control Panel. They are also used in the Mudline Suspension System, Debris / Junk Catcher Manifold and UBD Trailor Packages.

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AISI 4130 Cross Specification

Dimensions: ASME/ANSI B16.9, ASME B16.28, MSS-SP-43
Size: 1", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8", 3.5" OD, 4.5" OD, 5.5" OD and as per client design
Type: Seamless
Thickness: Schedule 80, XS, 120, 160, XXS, higher thickness as per client requirement.
Form: Equal Cross, Unequal Cross, Reducing Cross.
Pressure: 7.5K, 10K, 15K, 22.5K and more as per client drawing and requirement.
Delivery Condition: Annealed, Normalized, Stress Relieved, Quenched & Tempered.
Product Specification Level (PSL): PSL 1, PSL 2, PSL 3.
Supplementary Requirement: NACE MR0175 / MR0103 ISO 3183 / NACE TM0284 YS - MIN 85,000, UTS - 1,10,000 WITHSTANDING 15,000 PRESSURE.

AISI 4130 Cross Equivalent Grades

AISI 4130 G41300 1.7218 - 25CrMo4 JIS G4105 BS 970 -

Chemical Composition of AISI 4130 Cross

Grade Ni C Mo Mn Si Fe Cu S P Cr
AISI 4130 0.50 max 0.28-0.33 0.15-0.25 0.40-0.60 0.15-0.35 97.3-98.22 - 0.025 MAX 0.035 MAX 0.80-1.10

Mechanical Properties of AISI 4130 Cross

Density Melting Point Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Tensile Strength Elongation
7.85g/cm3 1432 C 460 MPa 560 MPa 21.50 %

Export Countries

Venezuela, Portugal, Pune, UAE, Jordan, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Chile, UK, Sharjah, Africa, KSA, Gujarat, Bahrain, India, Brazil, Riyadh, Poland, Angola, Chennai, Himachal Pradesh, Costa Rica, Houston, Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Coimbatore, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Ecuador, Qatar, USA, Texas, Oman, America, Kuwait, United States of America, Mexico, Dammam, Mumbai, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Spain, Russia, Italy, Canada, Argentina etc..

Price Of AISI 4130 Cross

AISI 4130 Cross Price